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Day In My Life

Let me capture your life while it happens! 

Whatever a day in your life looks like, nothing captures it like documentary photography. A Day In My Life session is unscripted and without posing. You do what you would do on a normal day. You wear whatever you want. You don't have to clean your house or try to make the kids smile. There will be play time, story time, bath time, dinner time, you name it.

And endless possibilities for activities with the family: play at the park, go to the beach, a family bike ride, bake a cake, a trip to the grocery store, wash the dog or a good old boardgame…

"I'm so extremely grateful for the amazing pictures Emilie took to document our Family life in Riga. I'm already looking forward to showing them to my daughters when they are older, to show them what their life in Riga has been like.


Thank you so much dear Emilie, for the wonderful pictures!"



                                                    - Verena 

"This was a new style of photography for us to try and it worked really well for us. The kids were able to relax and do what they like to do which is play.


Emilie was able to tell when the kids needed space. She was also very professional and friendly. I would recommend her to document a special activity that you would love to look back on in years to come."


                                                            - Jenn 

Day In My Life           Half day    € 390,-

  • Including 4 hours of photography

  • Around 60 pictures fully edited in high resolution

  • Your own online gallery

  • Traveling costs within 30 km from Riga

Day In My Life           Whole day  € 690,-


  • Including 8 hours of photography

  • Around 100 pictures fully edited in high resolution

  • Your own online gallery

  • Traveling costs within 30 km from Riga

Do you have any specials wishes? Feel free to tell me your ideas and I'm sure we can find a good solution!


Let's talk!

Emilie Bots Photography
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Day In My Life, 13 February 2020, Riga