"The perfect opportunity to capture our life in Riga and keep those precious memories not only in our hearts, but also in lovely pictures"

About me


Life is short. Kids grow so fast and as a parent you want to remember every detail from their childhood. Their favorite toy, their cuddles and kisses, their routines, the way they smile, play and eat, Even the way they make a mess of your house! That makes your family, your life, your memories. 

I want to capture those moments for you so your family can keep them forever.


Being a mom of two little ones and being an expat I know how great it is to have these memories. Living somewhere for a short period of time and moving every couple of years makes it extra special to capture these moments. Documentary photography is the best way to preserve your every day family life.

There will be good moments, loving moments, hilarious moments, sweet moments and maybe even ugly moments. So is life. 


The great thing is that all these moments are REAL moments. They are your moments, from your family, from your life.


YOUR memories.

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Emilie Bots Photography

"The pictures perfectly reflect my daughters happy, playful and vibrant personalities"


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