Doortrait - a new way to capture memories

After weeks of home quarantine the day finally came that I was free to go out again! But with the new rules and safety measures scheduling a Day In My Life shoot was not possible and even a mini shoot would be quite difficult.

With my own family really needing a break of mommy and her pictures (I think my sons first word wont be mommy or daddy but Canon...) I was in need of something new. Something to get me out of the house and enjoy taking pictures and see, from a save distance, some other people. So when I saw the new kind of portraits coming by -Doortraits- I was in love. A portrait of your family in front of your door. As a memory of this strange time, as a little smile to all this time you spent in your house (do we even know how the front of our door looks like nowadays?) and to have a little chat and laughter. I mean isn't that just what we really need now? I know I do!

My 'victims' for these doortraits were easily found and I had the pleasure to start with a beautiful family of three. Their son was just two weeks old and really the cutest. Seeing them, have a little chat how they were doing and see that gorgeous boy made my day. It was just 10 minutes and with at least 2 meter distance but you know what that doesn't matter at all! The moment is still there to capture. After this one I had many more doortraits to come and every one of them was so great to do and brought me a big smile. I had the opportunity to photograph my Belgium friends who are leaving Riga really soon and this will properly be the last pictures of their house. I was honored to be part of a nine year anniversary and capture the lucky couple and their daughter. So many doortraits are already made and hopefully many more to come!

Every doortrait has his own story and every one makes me smile. And for my family, well let's say they are happy I'm out and pointing the camera on someone else again!

Now all is left, is learning Olivier to say mommy...!


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