Mini Shoot: from fake smile to real moments

Smile! Look at the camera, yes one, two, three, and say cheese...

When I tell people I'm a family photographer that's almost always the first thing they think about: dress up, line up and smile for the picture. Well yes, we can take pictures like that. But what if we make it real? What if we loose the fake smile and just go play and have fun? Then the real smiles and the real moments are happening. And what if exactly THAT moment is the moment I will capture for you?

So no posing? No more saying cheese? No just one more picture guys... come on sweeties just one more... do it for mommy?!!

Exactly! Enjoying the moment! Making a sandcastle at the beach and then toss it with the whole family. Big smiles and dirty faces when eating an ice cream, Chasing each other in the park and playing football. The face of your daughter when she scores and of course that kiss from your son. These are your memories you want to keep forever. And the best thing is, this time you will be IN the picture because you don't have to take the picture yourself!

When you book a Mini Shoot for one or two hours, I will make sure you have an amazing time with your family, make great memories and who knows your whole idea of doing a photo shoot will change...

If you're a bit worried about getting a good picture with the whole family in it. Don't be! I pay attention to that and make sure you have it.

For more information please go to Mini Shoot on the site or email me:

See you soon!



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